Keeping your cupping on track


Remember the last time you messed up your cupping session because you got distracted?

CupOmatic gives you alerts throughout your cupping session. Your cuppings will be on time and error-free.

It tells you when to pour and to break. It can even prompt you to taste, round after round, and take samples for TDS measurement.

Customise the app to suit you - change the time between bowls, number of bowls, the type of alerts and much more!

This app is designed for coffee professionals across the coffee chain - baristas (brown graders), roasters, green importers/exporters, coffee producers.



  • Advanced/Basic mode
  • Pour, break and sample indicators
  • Voice prompts
  • Adjutable times and quantitys


Made by Andrew Johnson in Berlin.

Big thanks to Karin Vališová for her programming genius for helping me out.

Also James Harper for his constant nagging and slagging of my app with constructive cristisim.

THE BARN QC team for letting me use it in the sessions, allowing me to experiment, and giving me feedback.

Herr Bence, Frau Paulina , Yuki McYukerson, and all the other folk for using it in the public cupping. Danke schön.

For the Android version; shout out to Filip Sloboda and Paul Newcomb for testing CupOmatic on thier Android devices, and giving me good feedback.

Punctuation and grammer was aided by the articulate Luka Kelman.

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